Art is the ultimate expression of one’s soul. Akin to the melody which lies in a slumber deep within a bamboo stem, we believe, there is an untapped spring of creativity in every human soul. An unhindered emanation of such divine talent requires not only immense self confidence, careful nurturing and invincible optimism, but also a positive environment. Our ultimate aspiration is to provide such an ace platform for budding artists where, they can spread-eagle their gifts, push their limits and let their wings soar high beyond imagination.

Why the name Toronto Art Café.

"Conversation. What is it? A mystery! It's the art of never seeming bored, of touching everything with interest, of pleasing with trifles, of being fascinated with nothing at all."-- Guy de Maupassant

Well...what if the medium of conversing is art? Can it get any better than that? Art being a natural expression of human essence also needs to be trained in a unique way. Teaching art like high school mathematics in closed quarters conforming to rules in a strict disciplinarian manner takes away a lot from the beauty of the experience. Training an art form in many ways is like initiating a conversation with an absolute stranger, many a times a reluctant one...We need to start with what one knows, build slowly, listen patiently, praise abundantly and pursue relentlessly. A café in many ways signifies an arena where such introductions routinely happen... easy banter, lots of laughter, fearless expression of one's inner most thoughts, aspirations, desires and a rich, varied menu to chose from!!

Our aim is to provide such a comfortable environment to our students where they can explore themselves freely in various art forms until they can identify their true calling and get a firm foothold on it.Hence the nomen, Toronto Art Café !!!